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Kuj:i is in combln:ition wi1h Guru. Guru Is In hfs own ho Note :-Guru ls in Lagna Kendra also. A horoscope of a native who lived long, beyond70 I I Sa. Rrl vl Is in corn bln:it Ion with Budha. Budha is exalted in Kanya. A horoscope of a native who lived up to 70 years. Planets rem;1inlng In their own consteJl;-itlons are powerful. Then it is said that they are Jn Sookslzma A horoscspe of a who lived up to 50 ye;lrs.

Dhanur Lagna : i i ':,Chnud ro. Sukra ls In Lagna. Dhanus, to. Sukra Is not a friendly house. Yet the native h Reason :-Sukra is in Vlsaka-Guru's constellation. Guru is in Makara-debilitated. Illustration aside to show that planets, even though " they are benefics bring about death during their perlods. Chandra is the Lord of 3rd House.

Sukra is in Punarvasu,. Guru is the Lord of the 8th House Therefore both benefics Sani and Sukra are under the sway of the Lords l of 3rd and 8th Houses, respectively and death ocCt. Irred during San[ Dasa-Sukra Bhukthi. But by :?. Balarishta :- It is said in Sastras that when Ch;rndra occupies 3rd or 8th House in Birth Ch1rt, such n::itivc will die within ' 12 years.

Yet the two children are livlog even after Balarlshta period. Guru to 1 is a Benefic. Though Chandra fs in 8th the good effects of Guru prevail on Chandra. Good effect of Ravi is on Chandra, although he remains In 3. From these two illustrative horoscopes, one may Infer that Chandra has lost the malefic effect by reason of l ts having come under the sway of Benefics. House of Pithru-9th House As In the case of 4th and other Bhavas, the position strength and nature evil or good of the planets who are associated or connected with the Lord of 9th House.

Besides this, Ravi the Plthru Karaka should also be taken to aid the analysis of the Bhava. The longevity of the father is determined by the 8th House from 9th, or in other words 4th House from Lagna of the natl ve. Horoscope of a native. Tlzula Lagna. No planet is occupying 9th House. Budha the Lord of 9th House aspects the 9 th House. In addition to this, Guru and Sani also aspect the same Bhava. Father's Lagna is Kumbha. J -. Kona Is stronger in effect than Kendra, and henco the father was born in Kumblw Lngna.

Sukra ls ;lSptctf n. Fathers's Lagoa Is Vrischlka. Rcaaon : Con1parlng the aspects of Kuja aud Budha on San! Sukra's aspect on the 9th House ls less powerful than the aspect of Kuja on the Lord of 9th House. So the father's Lagoa ls V r! Bagyasthana-9th House from Lagna governs paternal properties. A Mlthuna Lagna native. Kuja is the Lord of 6 and 11 ; 6 th House governs debts, etc Hence the natlve's fathe is In the above said clrcurnstances.

The stronger planet, wh! As In the case of other Bhavas, the weakness or strength of thfs planet should be judged In predicting the concerning "Jeevana '' or professfon of native. When the Lord of Jeevana associates with the Lord of 4th House the. The Lord of the in which the of Jeevana sltuates will Indicate the nature of occupations or avocations of the native as.

The native may also ii through property, Government service, etc. He may also be a priest or a preacher. He may also be a lawyer or keeper of restauranrs. He may also deal In oils, etc. Karma Bhava-Illustrations. A native born In Vr! Th is native rose from an ordinary position to an officer of h lgh rank. A native born in Meena Lagoa. Sukra to this Lagoa Is the Lord of 3 and 8 which are bad houses. Another Meena Lagoa native. The effects are due to the Influence of the Lord of 8th House. Whenever such connections exslst the Karma Bhava Is affected. A Kanya Lagna Native. The progress in profession is marred particularly in Budha Dasa, as he ls In Chandra's constellatlon-Hastha.

Chandra occupying the 6th House from Lagoa ls weak. Th ls has weakened Bud ha. Budha the Lord of the lOth House though ln exaltation becomes ineffective. The combination of the Lords of the lOth and llth Houses also mars the good effects. Here, Chandra being the Jeeva controls the 10th House also.. Thus we see that Chandra has comblned In hlmself the effects of the 'lOth and llth Houses. An example to detcr:riinc the number of elder brothers and sist::rs. Karka Lagna : 11 i Clzitha 3!

I The llth House from Lagna governs elder brothers and sisters. See Sukra In Chith:i 3. Prior to the native's birth, three were born. Here the number of the Pad a In which the Lord of llth House is situated indicates the number of elders born. RT TWt'. Please write :: '. Natural phala kala of planets 15 Time of events of chara effects of planets 19 Gunas and their effects on phala 24 Lordship and its effect on phala 24 Frlendsh Ip etc. Wealth 2.

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To find the tf me of marrlge 3. Tracing of certaf n similarities. In the horoscopes of couple '. This system follows closely the principles and theories of Astrologers of old. The astrological term Grihachara' which Is a , bye-word commonly used from time I when- ever persons are in trouble, literally means, the movements of Grahas or Planets In different conste- llations. We may just mention how the sciences are Inter- related.

For instance, the 60 ghatlkas of a day converted to Kalas gives 2 lGOO. This figure Is taken by Yoga practitioners as so many pranayamas per day. This Kalas is distributed amongst the twelve Rasls of 2 the zodiac i. Ag al n if th ls ls divided into 60 Kalas we get 30 degrees for each Rasl. In like manner, a deep study of the various stiences will disclose the inter-relativity in many aspects.

Anuradha, Sravana, Purvabhadra, and Uttara- bhadra. Results of. In Chandra's constellations :-Being the constellations of a friend, Ravi here gives good results as, honours from Government and Kings, birth of children, success in attempts etc.. Besides, If Bud ha Is a beneflc planet In the natlve's chart, he makes the native very prominent In learning, and prosperity fn trade f s very much Increased. In Guru's constellations :-The native will be helped to secure success In official career, wlll have children and ha pp I ness In the family, prospers In trade and ac.

In Constellations :-In the beginning the native is made to suffer to some extent, and then some good results will be yielded, even which will not be satisfactory to the. The native Incurs the. If the Influences of 6th or 8th or 12th houses comb I ne, there fs a possibility of danger through water to the native. The native experiences ' enmity, loss of wealth, obstructions for progress In life unnecessary fears and sorrows etc.

Sometimes he may undertake pi lgrf mages. The native In such cases becomes well known, gains victory in quarrels, and disputes and acquires some property In the shape of lands etc. When Kuja Is In his own constellations :-Bau effects such as lllhealth, poverty death of near relations. B11dhn's Constellations :-Similar results as In Guru's will be forthcoming. In addition, the native will prosper In trade and his aptitude for art' and culture is f ncreased. In The Constellation of Guru :-The native wlll first experience so:ne d lfficultfes and later enjoy good effects.

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The good wl 11 be happiness of birth of eh ildren, acquisition of some property, fame and honour due to mental culture etc. I 7 In Sukra's constellations: A sort of vain glory which Is unreal la exhibited. The native further. In Sani's or Rahu's constellations :-The native Is forced to leave h Is place of residence, lose h Is means of li,vellhood and be afraid of thefts etc. If the lordshlps of 3rd, 6th and 8th house also combine the native will be troubled by his enemies. In Ravfs constellations :-The native fs valorous and courageous and fighta h la way through all difficulties.

The results will be good. In Chandra's constellations :-The native wfll sustain loss from trade in white articles, and the native wfll not enjoy real happiness. There wfll be only an outward show of It. The native get1 good education, enjoys wealth, Is ho.

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The native will have success In northern and southern d lrectfons only 8 In Sukrrz's con. Sukra also enables the native to own veh In San i's or Rahu's constellations:-Proo uces f11hea 1 th' poverty to the native and keeps h Im In fear. Sometimes the natlve's near and relations will d fe, and the natf ve will hear such sorrowful news. In K11ja's or Kethu's constellations :-The native will be made to suffer generally f n these conste 1 lat ions. He may sustain loss through fire, Involve himself fn debts, lose hfs peace of mind, disturb his health, create ill-wm with his friends and will be shifted from place to place.

In Ravrs or Chandra's constellations :-In these constellations the native enjoys very good results. He will he crowned with success In all hfs attempts, acquire the friendships of many and gains thPreof, wIII partake In ceremonies fn the family, will be honoured by Government and will he well-known fri society. But if San I and' Kethu happen to be Yoga karakas, the native escapes from the ad verse effects. In Rahu's constellations :-though the results may not be very good. In Ravi's consltllations :-"-especially, when both Sukra and Ravi are benefics, the native wlll enjoy 'the benefits of Raj a yoga.

The natl ve will R"et wealth, honours etc. In Chandra's consetellations :-though In the beginning there will be good results, the end will dissatisfy. General good results will be, acquisition of wealth from ladies, gains from unlhought of sources, and travels f n cool elf matfc places. In Kuia's consttllatinns produces bad effects. If however, Kuja Is either weak,, o. Mental culture wilt be t mproved as well as appreciation of art and literature. The native earns well, en.

In Rahu's or;his own constellations :-The effects will be bad, In the beglnnlng. The natlve's health will be disturbed, enmity with relations will be caused, and sometimes there will be danger from poison also. But the native will in the end get over these difficulties when the results will also be good. In Kethu's constellations :-The native will enjoy very good result when Kethu is not unfavourable to the native. In Ravi's constellations :-Here the results will be bad to the native.

He will sustain losses of relatives and weath, will be troubled by the Government, and very often, aiming to attain greater objectives, will fall, and lose heavily. Besides, I. L 11 the native will suffer from Phlegmatic diseases, and will be mentally However, some good results will be forthcoming, as pflgri'mages to holy places, ;ind consequent peace of mind etc. In Kuja's Constellations :-the results are always bad In this condition.

The native suffers losses through fire and enemies, some of his friends wlll pass away, there will be quarrels disorders in the family, giving place to discontentment, unhappiness and sorrows; and the native may also sustain wounds in the body. In Guru's Constellations results wfll be good but wlll not be verv appreciable. If Budha or Guru fs a Yoga karaka to the he will get back hfs lost wealth, prospers In his profession, and gafns dignity and honour by his education.

In Sukra's Constellations :-the native loses his relat[ons and his wife may pass away.

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Losses through trade and debts wlll be Incurred. This ls called Sookshma Gochara. The extent of the gooGl results wlll depend upon the strength of the benefic planet in the birth chart. Sometimes It may also It should also be noted that whenever such benefic planets influence either by conjunction, or in constella- tions, or by aspec. Gochara, they yield such good results. The following examples will elucidate the foregoing:- Here is a blrth chart of a person whose Lagoa Is Vrfschfka. Kuja, lord of 6th house Is as. This Indicates sickness to the natlve's children, and h Is financial difficulties.

Birth Kuja chart of father. When the native was In Guru Dasa, and Guru was passing through Uttarabhadrapada, in Gocbara, the natlve's daughter contracted a illness. At the time of death, both Sani and Kethu were In conjunction, and were passing through Aswini in Gochara. When Saal, lord of Karma bhava was passing throug;h Revatl the natl ve go r h fs first appal ntment. At that particular time the native was In Budha bhuktl. J lluul. Similarly, when the position ls bad f n Gochara, but if aspected by a benefic planet of the particular lagna, noth Ing bad will take place as long as the good aspect continues and Immediately that passes the result of the bad influence will be experienced only afterwards.

Predicting ' Thithi' and 'Paksha' of the occurance of as Births, Marriages, etc, to the Natitie: Take the houae or Rasl In which the, planet responsible for the event is sitt1ctted. Divide it into two parts of 15 degrees each. If it ls an even Rasi 'the first part is krish na Paksha and the second as Sukla Paksha. Locate the particular degree ln which the planet is situated: The event must occur during the thithi corresponding to the number of degree in which the planet is situated.

In the chart below, Sukra who Is responsible for the birth of the native, is in Jyeshta 2nd pada, Is between 20 deg. The birth was in Sukla Paksha. The particular thithi can be arrl ved at on calculating the exact degree in wh Ich the planet Is situated, as3deg, 1 20 mln represent a little over three thithis. Further the part of the day in wh lch the event has o.

In the illustration first, below Budha, responsible for the birth of the native, is In. Actually, the birth took place at 10 P. Since Sani is in the tir! Procedure to. In the illustration below: Guru is responsible for the binh and he is situated in the 3rd pad a of Chit ta. The third pada of Chitta runs till 3 deg. Hence the birth should take place within the first 31 days from the commencement of Solar month. The birth has taken place on the Solar date 4 at 10 A.

The week day corresponds to the day owned by the planet which influences the birth. I l I. For example :-If Guru were to be in PushyamI 4th pad a. Similarly If. Guru were 10 b,e in. In : the first portion of their periods, Satwl kas in first- second period of their ;rule, and Thamasas I o. Uchhamsa, Guru acquires Rajasa. Similarly, t when Sant remains in any of the I f. It is not necessary that a planet should be actually in the house of exaltation in Amsa diagram to get Rajasa characteristics.

For example :-If Guru were to be in Rohlni, he gets Rajasa characteristics irrespective of the pada this constellation and it is not necessary that he should be In fourth pada itself of this star.. The following examples will clearly illustrate the mixed nature of the results of the Dasas. In the adjoining diagram Guru Is in Pushyamf 4th pada.

The Lord of the star is Sant. The native enjoyed the benefits of Guru Dasa fully for the first 12 years, and felt the effects of Sani in the last period of 4 years. Budha is in Mula 3rd pada, whose Lord ls Kehtu. The Lord of Makha is Kethu. It will be I.

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It fs true that the native enjoyed prosperous and happy life during the first period of 2 years and 6 months. After this period he began to feel the bad effects for the next two years and a half, as Chandra ls in second quarter of Makha. He was again well off after the expiry of the bad period of two and a half years. In this lllustratfon, Budha ls In Aslesha 3rd pada, whis is his own constellation. The native enjoyed good heath during the first half of Budha Bhuktl, and he was laid np with Typhoid and was cured before the lapse of the third part of Budha Bhuktl, but he had a relapse, and had to suffer agaf n.

Complete recovery was effected only after the expiry of the third part of Budha Bhuktf. Sf mllarly, they may also happen beyond the period calculated. It will be clearly understood from the following examples. II Cl. As per the enunciated, the bad effects f n Guru daga should occur only lo the last fpur years of that Dasa, and it w. In the second diagram, G4ru ls in Pushyamr'3rd pada.

As per rules aforesaid, troubles should occur or 24 commence only after eight years of Guru dasa, but it was not so. Actually, the troubles began with Budha Bhtiktl of Guru dasa in the second quarter of Guru dasa, because Budha ls In association with the Lord of the constellation, Sant. The troubles continued till the expiry of the third part of the dasa.

Gunu and their effech on Phala Differentiations should be made in the characterlstlcs of the planets when they occupy the same house in the Navamsa diagram, though they remain In different constellations.

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To give best results, Ravi should be R. Lordship and its effecta on Phala To completelydetermlne the effects the Lordships I of the planets should be considered. II I i-,yr- 1 I. In the first diagram Ravi, no doubt gets. For the particular Lagna Dhauua. As Guru la the Lord of third :and sf xth houses, the good effects of Rnvt are hence f n th Is case the natl ve will have good results only. Further the nature of relationships friendship and enmity of the planet occupying the constellation towards the Lord of the constellation -shoulrl also be viewed in forecastf ng the results.

As an example, if Sani were to remain in Sravana, he gets Thamasamsa wh Ich is no doubt good to him, but there is the enmity of Sanl with Chandra. In this case the native will enjoy. If Sant were to be iri Mula, whose Lord, Kethu, is a friend of him, Sani dasa wlll be extremely good. At tf mes ft happens a single planet Is a friend of two other planets, and a distinction should be drawn between them In predicting results. Slmflarly, Sukra Is a friend of Rahn. Rahu's friendship fs Thamasa, and Budha's ls Satwlka. In Rahu's case, the results will be delayed with difficulties, and will tempt and induce the native to associate with bad company.

Budha will give the opposite effects. A planet may possess all the strengths as Lordships and Characteristics enumerated above, yet the results might vary due to the position, character and of the Lord of the constellation in wh Ich Lord of the Bhava Is situated. The annexed f'Xamples are given to draw the distinctions. Here K11ja f n! In one case he is in Lagna, which Is a powerful place, particularly for h Im; and in other he is in Slmha, wh fch is the 1 lth house.

The native of first was having more wealth than that of second. The "Guna. Below are a few studies on the subject. Hence Chandra has become a Thamasa, and as a result the! U, Chandra becomes the Jeeva of the lOth house, i, e. Karma Bhava, as Sukra ls in! I f I Sravana, Chandra's constellation, and Lord of the 10th house. Here also Chandra being in Aswinl, the constellation of Ketbu, becomes Thamasic in nature, and consequ.

Ai:;wini I ,-,-. I In lllustration No. III, above, the Jeeva o. I ' Mula Hki 30 Illustration No. Time of event of the Chara effects of Retrograde Planets As regards the chara effects of planets in general a detailed discussion has been done hefore. In the case of retrograde planets there are certain peculiarities arising:- 1.

In the case of retrograde malefics the eh ara effect will be felt at the point where the planet is actually situated at birth, while, 2. In the case of retrograde benefics the effect has to be read as if it were placed at the point from which it actually commenced retrogression. Illustration :- Kuja malefic though commences retrogression from Bharanl 1 and is at birth time in Asvlnl 4 his chara results have to be read out from Asvlni 4.

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When Guru benefic is under similar circumstances results are to be read out from Bharani 1, the point of commencement of retrogression. In the above arguments only the natural benefics and naturJl malefics are considered. For Jnstance, if t! The following examples will Illustrate. Kritliika I Ha,; ;. A study of the Vfdya bhava, i. Sanl fs In Jyeshta Budha's constellation. Budha becomes the Jeeva of this bhava.

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Hence the father did not have much of Raja Vidya. The 9th house of father is Makara, and the 4 th house from Makara will indicate the father's education. The 4th house is Mesha and Kuja its lord is in Krithika, Ravi's constellation. Hence Ravi becomes the Jeeva of the vidya bhava of the father. Ravi is in conjunction with Guru lord of the 8th house, and Budha. This f ndicates also the poor education of the father.

DS of the profession of the father may also be studied. In the fathe'r's chart, the lord of the lOth house, Ravi, who is in conjunction with Guru in Thula, is powerfully aspected.. In the son's chart, the karma bhava of the father Thula, is occupied by Kethu and aspected by Guru, who ls with Ravi. From both there it ls evident that the influence of Kuja or Kethu, determines the profession. As Kuja is more powerful, the father's profession ls connected with Technical Subject.

Besides, in both the eh. Such similarities of planetary influences are also Indicated in the Dasas of the parents' and the chlldrens' chart. We shall examine particular dasas the wife and daughter are running simultaneously with the father's and the fr lndf cations in each others charts. In chart Budha Is the lord. Rahu, the lord of the lOth llth bQuses. In the': Wife'I'.

Sani being ln Hasta gets the effects of the 6th house and also the effects of the 5th house as Chandra ls in Mithuna. Thus we see here the indications as in the husband's chart of the influences of Ravi, Guru and Budha along with the effects of 6th, 12tb, 5th, houses and Lagna. During the Sani dasa of the mother the daughter was running her Sukra dasa. Sukra is the lord of Lagna In her chart and of the. He is in Uttarashada. Ravi's constellation In Makara-Sanl's house. Ravi Is associated with Gur.

Sani is In Meena with Budha, the' lord of the 2nd and 5th houses. Guru and Budha and also the effects of 5th, 8th, llth, house etc. IC:a planet Is In the constellation of a good planet, who Is. In the lllustratlon No. Oi Bbuktf,'. But In Rahu Bhukti, the native lost his position all on a sudden, and was unemployed till the completion of Budha Dasa. Ood time. We have generally said so.

But herein below are certain cases where Aswl. Chandra Is In Aswlnl, Kethu's constellation. Dharma Karma Yoga effect. Hence the fine result- to native f n Ch:indra Dasa. This Is about the bright and good sf de to the native in Chandra Dasa. But we should not forget dark side of Asw nl Chandra. Although the native rose In rank f n Cha.

Chandra also. For a time he was bed ridden. And one no. Ravi thus becomes Uchhamsa.. The native is very rich. Hence the native Is richer than the former. The chart In the lllustration below Is that of a natvle born In Makara lagna. The lord of the second ho. Thus he becomes a Rajasa. The lagna,in the following lllu 1 stration is Thula, Lord of the second house Is Kuja, who in Krithika, Ravrs constellation and hence a Rajasa.

Budha, the Karaka of Krithika K! The Satwik nature of Budha 10 the second house, and the Rajasfc nature of Kuja IOrcl of the second house, respectively are the cause. IV BHAVA To know if one's Mother is the first or the substqut,nJ of his Father To find whether a particular person fs the of the first or subseQuent wife of hts the influences of the lords of the 4th, 6th, f8th houses have to be considered. But, 1f the lord of the fourth house Is f n the constellation of the lord of efgth house, he wlll be the sub! But' If the lord of the fourth house Is situated In the.

To lord the. The native ls the son by the second wife of his father. The lord of the 6th house Is Kuja who fs fn Pushyamf, Sanf's constellation. Sani Is a planet whfch governs gastrfcs. As a result the native. In the present instance.. Budha Is In Dhanfshta which constellation owned by Kuja. Whenever Budha joins wf th the of the 5th house, and owns malefic houses, head-ache reaults. The native of -the -eh. Th'FlOrd of 6th house fs Sukara who tls in; own constellation.

Sukra being a watery native suffers from diabetles In the girl's chart, Kuja, Lord of"7th house is in Kumbha the 5th house from lagna. For matrlmonial purposes, 7th and 9th house have to be examined. It be noticed that in the girl's chart under consideration the position of Sukra is stronger than that ot Kuja, for Kuja occupies the 5th Kona which is weaker than the 9th Kona occupied by Sukra. Hence Sukra has to be examined to select the partner of the girl.

It is evident that the partner's lagna should be one of Sukra's houses, Vrishabh1 or Thula. Also as Thula is stronger house by nature for Sukra than Vrlshabha, can be said ' that the girl will marry a Ihula lagna person. In the girl's horoscope Sukra fs In punarvasu. Guru's constella- tion, and therefore is not pure in his nature. Chart of the native No. II does not tally in similar effect Guru's hence, though negotiatf ons were carried on with the native of chart! For female nativity 9th house should also be examined, In addition to the 7th house, for matrimony Let us now analyse the, constellatf on, month, l.

At the time of marrige it was Kuja dasa, Sanl Bh uktl anrl sukra Anthara. All these tally with the marriage day, constellation, Jag a a and month. Another horoscope Is studied below to illustrate that the lords of the ruling dasa, Bhuktf and Anthara have connect! Rao of Delhi. These giants have been my inspiration. My approach has simple and staple techniques which is similar to that used in natal astrology.

This will help a person to come out with high level of accuracy. This book will be based on simple techniques than using complicated chakras and jamini astrology. Like any other fields, this had lot of evolutions, innovations and changes from the past years. The world of in mundane astrology is far different from the world of and even This is because of the rapid change of life style due to technology and attitude of people. The pre Dr. Raman — astrologers use to predict about rains and about kings because they had correct horoscope. Raman generation of people used to predict political future, wars and certain calamity.

There was not much predictions in the sports, stock markets etc. In Mr. Rao generation, the volume of prediction and the number of prediction has increased multi fold due to Internet, printing speed and Lot of interest in the areas of sports, commodities, stock markets and currency markets. The number of sports events has reached around every year. This means more than one events in a day is happening in different aspect of sports. Stock markets updates are on hourly basis in television channel.

In the same way any individual can get information on commodity and currency markets. The number of articles, and techniques available to people now is almost ten times higher compared to Dr. Raman generations. Speed by which a person can express and are by which it can be copied is also higher. I also request the student of the mundane astrology to predict. This is the easier way to gain experience and insight.

Many astrologers play it safe in mundane astrology because failures mean that they will go down in the eyes of people. Some of them even glibly add astrological jargon to already happened events. This is a kind of hypocritical way will never help in fine-tuning mundane astrology prediction. Another point of caution, when astrologer predict they use a different standards of techniques and when the write they use other variation in techniques. Please do not get carried away by this fanciful writing, which are not meant for educated astrologers, but to impress others with their knowledge.

The entire book is close to the thought process when I make my prediction. It will look thread bare and some times non-impressive but these techniques will work which matters the most.

Astrologer Gopalakrishnan -The Astrology Prediction Came True !!!

In any after my fathers death I am more interested in the meditation than in astrology. Before I hang up my boots in astrology, I need to share these techniques. This book will be helpful to any astrologers who wants to make foray into mundane astrology. The principles are simple and can be easily understood. Examples and the charts that are given in the book will help anyone to have easy understanding. The book has basic principles of mundane astrology with explanation and examples that can be understood by anyone with basic astrology knowledge. Gopalakrishnan covered many areas like election analysis and prediction, oath taking chart analysis, analysis of the famous personalities through chart, war prediction.

No book so far has given any clear cut format to give out predictions. This book gives everything in one pack. Gopalakrishnan wanted to put all the expertise he had gained during the mundane astrology predictions into simple principles that can be easily used for analysis. This urge bloomed into book format where he compiled all the principles and explanation. Gopalakrishnan himself had set the template for the book and wrote all he matter for the book by himself. Once it was written, I started the editing part of it. As I edited the book one thing stood clear.

Between the year and , my teacher shri. Gopalakrishnan had touched all above said aspects of mundane astrology and had given prediction. By the end of when we finally finished with the book every principles of the astrology he had discussed had examples to go with it. The way he sees the horoscope and does analysis was always different. Along with it he will check for any astronomical incidence or nimitta.

I still remember that after mars came closer to earth he kept on telling that Jayalalitha will lose power and most of CM of south India will change. It was ahead of the election where most of the politicians or political analysis would have thought or analyzed. It was I joined astrology class with shri.

We had the rare privilege of seeing him giving out mundane astrology predictions as he was taking classes for us. Then he was associated with sify and was regularly providing mundane astrology predictions for them. Usually we have seen him casting the horoscope of a celebrity or a country or oath chart for analysis. Then he gives the predictions which turns out to be a dazzling one every time. It was like an own stuff for us. As I could not find the answer, I phoned to Mr.

Gopalakrishnan for the answer. Next day he replied that the plane has crashed in the sea and it would be confirmed by Tuesday the 18th March. It has actually been confirmed on 19th March that the debris of the plane were first sighted on Monday, the 18th March. This has again proved the usefulness of astrology, a divine science. Earlier, Mr. Gopalakrishnan had very accurately predicted the outcome of state elections. I asked him the reason of this accuracy because astrology alone cannot give such accurate figures. Siddhi is a process of use of thought power by which one can contact the Universal Mind for seeking answers.

His predictions about the forthcoming Parliamentary Elections are as under : 1. BJP will get more than two hundred seats but less than With other parties mainly led by women NDA will get seats. Congress will get only 63 seats. Surprisingly two prominent leaders would lose elections. After June 13, share market will zoom and touch points.