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You haveaccess to the extendedPythagorean Square, as well as the numerologyforecast for the day,month, year, life cycle. Biorhythms: Human lifeis subject to rhythms and cycles. Anextensive and accuratecalculation of biorhythms is available toyou. We are calculatingbiorhythms for today, as well as calculatingbiorhythms for thefuture.

Want to know about your condition for NewYear or Birthday? Then to you in our application. Fortune-telling: Foreveryperson interested in esotericism, it is interesting to lookahead. For this, accurate divination is used. We provide you withthe bestof them: - Tarot divination; - fortune telling on therunes; -eastern; - i-ching; - bones; - pirated; - fortune telling;- thewheel of Fate; - circle of Nostradamus; - circle of thezodiac; -Crystal Ball; - heads and tails; - prediction for everyday; -divination by love; - fortune telling about relationships;-fortune telling for the future; - fortune telling on the runes;-Card reading; - fortune telling on coins; - fortune tellingonbones fortune telling on cubes ; - fortune telling on a ballofpredictions.

Knowledge Base: We are pleased to share knowledgeandexperience and provide a knowledge base of Rune and Tarot cards. Wealso have a quiz where self-confident people can checktheirknowledge. Howtocontact us: You can always write to us and state your thoughts. Wetake into account the wishes of users and are always opentodialogue. Our email address: allastro.

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Daily Horoscope Free 1. It works for today,tomorrow,or any other date! Is this app right for me, you mightask? Are youconcerned about your health, money, luck, job,business affairs,your marriage, your family or your loved ones? Doyou want to knowwhat does the future have in store for you? Ourdaily smarthoroscope is drawn up by professional astrologists whocan predictfuture, tell you your daily, weekly or monthly fortune,are expertsin numerology, tarot cards, palmistry, and astrology.

You'll alwaysbe better prepared to new troubles and challengesahead of you, andyou'll know when is the best time to build newrelationships andfind love!

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From theday you were born under your natal star, the Sun,Moon, and planetsfollow you and shape your character. Our pros canstudy their signsand make a number of sidereal predictions aboutyour life, ourgalaxy, and the stars, which are like a big open bookfor them,like the lines on the palm of your hand! Make the most ofthissimple, lite-weight software with top characteristics,includingfull-colour HD graphics, that can help you to be popular,find aperfect match based on lunar phases, have fun, be lucky, andcreatea new vision.

Get a free app native for your phoneortablet. Yes, free download and updates, and no annoying adsthatpop up every time you click on the screen! Go on and test it! Checkback for the latest news and notifications. We plan to add anaudiohoroscope, druid, oracle, Orion and Sirius horoscopes fullofrevealing information and easy to scan through.

The second partof the new predictionsfor every day waiting for you in ! Youwant to know that todayyou waiting for? What has prepared for you afate? What futureawaits you in ? Our app predictions for eachday 2. Predictions forevery day 2. Love or friendship, joy or frustration,unexpected adventuresor boring day can predict our application.

Youcan pass thesetests:You are a psychic? Your lucky numberWho were youin a pastlifeYour psychological ageAngel or demon? Also, in ourapplication,you will find the horoscope for the sign of thezodiac:General, In Love, Health, Finance, Jobs. The bestastrologers ofthe world and were analyzed Star calendar. Downloadthe app,discern their future, Share with your friends, even if theyknowtheir future! Horoscope for every day Aries - a convenient,multifunctional andfree horoscope, created specifically to make thelife of each ofthe representatives of the zodiac sign Aries morecomfortable.

RU Astroscope. RU developed this mobileapplicationspecifically for Aries, taking into account all thefeatures ofthis bright and impulsive mark. Having always on handyourastrological forecast, dynamic Aries will be able to navigatethecurrent events more easily. Today's horoscope The dailyhoroscopeprovides daily updated forecasts. A horoscope for todaywill helpAries to clearly plan the current day, taking into accountwhichaspects of its busy life should be kept under control.

Ariestendto ignite a lot of bright ideas, and a horoscope for todaywillhelp you determine in advance what specific ideas will bringyouluck. Horoscope for tomorrow Save your strength andenergypotential Aries will help horoscope for tomorrow. Itisautomatically updated online, which means you do not have tosearchfor the appropriate forecast for a long time. Aries tend tolive,running ahead, and knowing your horoscope for tomorrow, youwill bemuch easier to navigate in their everyday realities. WeeklyHoroscope The mobile application gives every Aries theopportunityto see his life in the future.

A horoscope for aweek,professionally compiled astro forecast, will allow you tocorrectlyallocate your potential to those cases that in the comingdays willbe truly relevant. A horoscope for a week will help youavoid a lotof mistakes, because you will know in advance whichsteps should betaken on this or that day of the week, and whichones should beabstained. Monthly Horoscope Along with the mobileapplicationHoroscope for every day Aries receive in their use andan importantoption, such as the Horoscope for a month.

Monthlyforecasts willinsure Aries from failures. Representatives of thissign haveenough strength to succeed, but it is important for Ariesto learnhow to distribute their skills competently. A monthhoroscope willhelp you determine on which aspects of your busy lifeyou shouldconcentrate first. This will bring your potential successcloser,since, you will be able to think ahead. Foryou,Horoscope Aries was compiled, in order to warn againstwrongsteps and movement in the wrong direction.

A year is asufficientperiod for each of the persistent, selfless Aries toachievesignificant success, and we hope our recommendations willhelp youin this. Compatibility Horoscope An important aspect of thelife ofeach Aries is a personal sphere. Aries tend to love,plunging intopassion with the head, but how to know in advance,what will thispool bring? The answer to this question will beprovided by thecompatibility horoscope for the sign of the Zodiac. A detaileddescription of the options for your communication withotherrepresentatives of the zodiacal circle will help toavoidunnecessary passions and probable mistakes.

Widget,videohoroscope, wallpaper OWEN The horoscope for today, tomorrowandevery day has additional functionality - a video horoscope,whichis sure to please Aries, for the subtle nature of whichisespecially important for audiovisualization. Also downloadingahoroscope, each Aries gets the opportunity to installtheapplication widget on the main screen of your device, as wellascolorful wallpaper, a screensaver with the theme of yourZodiacsign for the smartphone screen. Let the image of Aries becomeforyou an amulet attracting good luck.

Communication andpersonalrecommendations Communicate with other representatives ofthezodiac sign Aries directly in the appendix. Share opinions ontheinformation received or your experience. Have questions? Ask questions and leave comments. Getpersonalrecommendations and answers from astrologers, as well asadvicefrom users of the application and visitors to our portal.

DailyHoroscope is a convenient and at thesame time functionalapplication designed to make life easier forthe representatives ofthe Virgo zodiac sign, making it moretrouble-free. Astrologicalportal Astroscope. RU, developing thismobile application, put in thefirst place just the sameconvenience of representatives of yoursign. You will not have tolook for horoscopes about what is instore for you in the future,since you can find all these forecastsin your smartphone bydownloading this application for free andinstalling it on it.

Daily Horoscope Daily at your disposal will beupdated horoscopefor the current day. Virgos always strive to haveon hand a strictplan for everything that they should undertake ineach particularminute of their personal time. This plan will be foryou a dailyforecast for today from our astrologers. Horoscope fortomorrow Itis equally important for representatives of your sign tohaveconfidence that they can predict everything that will happentothem tomorrow.

This need of pragmatic and prudent Virgoswilleasily satisfy the horoscope for tomorrow. Being an integralpartof the horoscope for every day, this astro prediction isalsoupdated automatically. Daily Horoscope The opportunity to knowinadvance about everything that the upcoming week is preparingwillprovide Virgos with a weekly horoscope - your personal guide tothewinding paths of life. You, reasonable Virgos, know best ofallthat seven days is enough time to noticeably change yourlifestylefor the better. With a horoscope for the week will make itmucheasier.

Horoscope for the month Virgos do not tend to spendtheirpotential on trifles. You will not waste it if you getacquaintedwith the monthly horoscope in advance. This useful optionwill giveyou the opportunity to determine in advance how your lifewilldevelop in the next four weeks. Horoscope for Virgo'smobileapplication will find the horoscope , which is popular ontheeve of each new year.

No one appreciates personal time as highlyaspragmatic Virgos, which means you are interested instudyinglong-term forecasts from authoritative astrologers. Knowingyourannual forecast, you will determine on which of the aspects oflifeyou should concentrate the maximum of your strength andenergy. Compatibility Horoscope Very important for Dev and personalaspect. To make the life of the representatives of your sign moremeasuredand harmonious, the application contains a horoscopeforcompatibility of the signs of the Zodiac for the Virgo sign.

Youwill not accept fraud in any of its manifestations, and youwillmanage to surround yourself with sincere people if you seekadvicefrom the mobile application. Virgo compatibility horoscope isafaithful assistant in everything related to the sphere ofyourpersonal affections. Widget, video horoscope, wallpaper ManyVirgoswill certainly be able to appreciate the useful option ofthisapplication, like a video horoscope - an audiovisualrepresentationof the astrological forecast for the current periodfor Virgos forpeople in whose lives comfort and convenience arealmost atparamount positions.

And one more bonus. By installingthe freeapp on your smartphone, the Virgos get the opportunity tofix thehoroscope widget for each day on the main screen of theirdevice,as well as to pave colorful wallpapers. For many Virgos, theimageof your zodiac sign on the phone screen will add confidencethatnow you will always have a talisman that attracts goodluck. Communication and personal recommendations Who can give themostvaluable advice to the pragmatic Virgo? Just another Virgo. Thehoroscopes mobile application provides the ability tocommunicatewith other representatives of your zodiac sign.

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Leaveyourcomments, find new friends, arrange an exchange of experiencesandopinions. Daily Horoscope Libra isa goodopportunity to keep constant and control over your own being. Theleader among astrological portals Astroscope. RU specially fortheconvenience of the representatives of the zodiac sign Librahasdeveloped this mobile application.

Having relevantastrologicalforecasts always at hand, we hope you can deal with anyproblemsmuch more successfully. Horoscope for today The life ofLibra ischaracterized by increased dynamism, while eachrepresentative ofthis sign especially saves mental comfort. Youwill be able to knowa lot about what life prepares and, as aresult, take care of youremotional comfort thanks to the dailyupdated horoscope for today. Horoscope for tomorrow As part of themobile application, thehoroscope for tomorrow will help Libracarefully plan his dailyroutine with an eye to the future. With thehelp of a dailyhoroscope, representatives of your sign will maketheir life morerelaxed and protected from surprises.

Now you canachieve a balancein literally everything, without worrying aboutwhat will happentomorrow. Weekly Horoscope Horoscope for a weekwill help protectyourself from any surprises. This option isespecially importantfor Libra, who in just seven days have time torealize theimpossible. Monthly Horoscope Representativesof the zodiac signLibra, along with a mobile application, receiveat their disposalmonthly updated forecasts.

Having a horoscope fora month beforeyour eyes, it becomes possible to bring to an idealbalance allaspects of your life love, career, and relationshipswith others. Horoscope for Everyday horoscope has greatfunctionality,including such a long-term forecast as predictionsregarding theannual cycle.

And mostimportantly,this guide will always be at your fingertips, right onyour mobiledevice. Compatibility Horoscope Libra cannot imagine itsexistencewithout such an important component as friendship andpersonalrelationships. That is why another feature will be veryuseful toall representatives of this zodiac sign - the horoscopeofcompatibility in the zodiac.

Libra strives to find theperfectbalance in everything, and love is no exception to thisrule. Byinstalling the application on your phone, you will nolonger doubtthat in front of you is a person who is ideal for arelationship. Widget, video horoscope, wallpaper The functionalityof the mobileapplication includes a video horoscope.

Thinlysensitive and deeplythinking Libra will certainly be able toappreciate theaudio-visual predictions. By downloading thehoroscope app forevery day for free, Libra gets the opportunity toadd a specialwidget to the main screen, as well as to tile thescreen of yourdevice with colorful wallpapers. A very short periodof time willpass, and you will be able to evaluate from your ownexperiencethat this wallpaper is not just an attractive picture. The image ofLibra on your mobile is the talisman that you willalways have withyou, attracting luck.

Communication andpersonalizedrecommendations Another important point is theopportunity for livecommunication, which provides you withhoroscopes.


It is veryimportant for Libra to have like-mindedpeople, and other users ofthe application and our astrologicalportal will become them foryou. Leave your comments, shareexperiences, post tips, askquestions. Communicate with astrologersand representatives of yourzodiac constellation directly in theapplication. Daily horoscope for Pisces zodiac sign is aconvenient andfunctional application that is designed to make lifeeasier for allthe representatives of this amazing Zodiac sign. RU specifically for your conveniencehasdeveloped this mobile application. Having your forecast athand,you will be able to more easily and easily navigate in theeventstaking place.

Daily Horoscope Luck is very important in thelife ofPisces, and you will learn how to attract it if youregularly useyour horoscope for the current day. Your forecast fortoday youwill receive directly online, which will save your timeand effort. You will not have to search for the desired forecast,since it willalways be in front of your eyes.

Horoscope fortomorrow Dailyhoroscope for Pisces will help the dreamy andsentimentalrepresentatives of your zodiacal constellation toclearly plan therhythm of their lives. You will be able to expandthe list of tasksbefore you, if you carefully read your horoscopefor tomorrow. Pisces tend to live, looking ahead, and now you willnot have tolook somewhere for predictions for the coming day. DailyHoroscopeAnother important bonus of the mobile application is thehoroscopefor the week.

It will be especially useful to Pisces,people whosemood changes almost every minute. Knowing what liesahead awaitsyou, you can control your moods. Surprises will nolonger knock youout of the rut, as you will be warned in advanceabout upcomingevents from the weekly updated forecast. Horoscopefor the monthPisces will be much easier to achieve their goals,having in frontof the eyes and a longer-term forecast.

The mobileapplication alsocontains such an important option as horoscopes fora month. ForPisces, a month is not a trivial four weeks, but awhole life. Youwill learn to build it entirely on your own, gettingon the phonealways fresh forecasts for the coming period. Horoscope PiscesHoroscope Pisces for every day offers a large numberofperspectives. The mobile application contains a horoscope forfor Pisces. Based on the recommendations of theleadingastrologers, the Pisces will not have to panic, assessingtheirfuture over the whole year.

You will be warned of many thingsthatthe coming months will bring. This will help to plan yourlifecorrectly and highlight the list of tasks that will beparticularlyrelevant for you during Horoscope CompatibilityAnotheruseful bonus application for Pisces will be the horoscopeofcompatibility of the signs of the zodiac, or rather Pisceswithother members of the zodiac circle.

This forecast willbeespecially relevant for you, since you tend to look atothersthrough the prism of its increased romance. You skillfullyinsureagainst spiritual dramas and anxieties, having at hand aforecastof how your communication with one person or another willdevelop. Widget, video horoscope, wallpaper The thin nature ofPisces islikely to enjoy another feature of the mobile application- videohoroscope. You can not just read the dry forecast, but alsoget anaudio-visual presentation about it.

Also, by downloadingtheapplication for free on a smartphone, you get the opportunitytoinstall a widget with a daily horoscope and colorful wallpapersonthe home screen of your device. This is not just a screensaverorpicture, pleasing your eyes. Image of Pisces will become for youatalisman that attracts good luck and protects you fromtrouble. Communication and personal recommendations Horoscope appfor Piscesis a unique opportunity to make new friends and exchangeviews withother members of your zodiac sign.

The applicationprovides theopportunity to post your questions, leave comments.

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Ifsuddenly adifficult situation arises in life, you can alwayscommunicate withastrologers and visitors of our portal. HoroscopeCapricorn for every day - this is a functional,convenientapplication for mobile devices, designed to make lifemorecomfortable for each of the representatives of the sign oftheZodiac Capricorn. This application was specially created bytheleading astrological portal Astroscope. RU, so that each oftheproud and independent Capricorns could quickly and easilynavigatearound everything that is happening around him. Today'shoroscopeThe horoscope for every day has a great functionality,which forsure will appeal to practical Capricorns.

You do not havetomonitor your horoscope every day for today, because byinstallingthis application, you will receive on-line fresh andinformativeforecasts. Based on the predictions of astrologers, youcan clearlyplan each day, eliminating it from many unforeseensituations. Horoscope for tomorrow A horoscope will bring no lessbenefit toCapricorns for tomorrow.

Being a part of the mobileapplication, itwill help you to know in advance about everythingthat is preparingfor tomorrow, and what tasks it will put beforeyou. This isespecially important for Capricorns, who are accustomedto living,strictly following their own attitudes. Weekly HoroscopeCapricorn,it is not peculiar to cave in under circumstances.

Theywill not bescary to you, because you have at hand a meaningful andtruthfulforecast for the next seven days. Having an active nature,you,Capricorns, do not like to stamp on the spot. And in yourlifethere will be no stagnation, since, having studied yourhoroscopefor a week, you will be able to determine precisely inwhichdirection to act. Monthly Horoscope Representatives of thesign ofthe Zodiac Capricorn, along with a mobile app forhoroscopes,receive monthly updated forecasts for their use. Havingthoroughlystudied your horoscope for a month, Capricorns will nothave toworry because of changeable circumstances.

You are used tostandingfirmly on your feet, and a monthly horoscope will help yougainconfidence in your future. Basedon the recommendations of astrologers, prudent Capricorns willbemuch easier to plan their lives in , saving it from alltheunpleasant factors and unrest. Compatibility HoroscopeCapricornsare sometimes too cautious in everything that isconnected with thesphere of feelings.

Avoid unnecessary excitementwill help studythe horoscope of its compatibility. You easilycompile a zodiacalportrait of each person or determine yourcompatibility on ahoroscope with other signs of the zodiacal circlewith a mobileapplication at hand. Widget, video horoscope,wallpaper Thefunctionality of the horoscope application includes avideohoroscope. With it, you can get an audiovisual view oftheastrological forecast. Free downloading and installing ahoroscopefor every day on your mobile, you get the opportunity toadd to themain screen of your device a special widget, and alsopave yourphone with colorful wallpaper with the theme of yourzodiac sign.

Image Capricorn is not just a picture that can liftyour spirits,it's your little talisman that will always accompanyand protectyou. Communication and personal recommendations Anadditional bonusof the mobile application is the ability tocommunicate online withother representatives of your sign online. Intent of Capricorn isbest understood only by another Capricorn. Find new friends, shareexperiences and advice, share yourrecommendations. Do you needcompetent advice? Write the questionsin the comments and getfeedback through the feedback.

Horoscope Taurus forevery day- a convenient and functional horoscope forrepresentatives of thesign of the Zodiac Taurus. Especially for theconvenience of eachTaurus astrological portal Astroscope. RU hasdeveloped, publishedand offers this mobile application for free inthe hope that itwill greatly facilitate the life of representativesof this sign.

Keep your forecast close at hand, and what's happeningaround willbecome more interesting and understandable for you. Today'shoroscope Before hardworking and purposeful Taurus dailychallengesare complex. Coping with them will be much easier if youfind outthe current forecast.

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Horoscope for today Taurus will helpto avoidwrong steps, which is especially important for you peoplewho areused to rely solely on themselves and their forces. Dailyhoroscopes are updated online, this eliminates the needtoregularly monitor the actual predictions for each day. Horoscopefor tomorrow Being part of the mobile application, thisforecastwill help the Taurans to know in advance what the next dayispreparing and what tasks will be indicated. Taurus is importanttolive, planning ahead, as rational and prudent representativesofthis sign are unaccustomed to wasting their energy.

A horoscopefortomorrow will save Taurus from such problems, and dailyupdateswill help keep your hand on the pulse of events. WeeklyHoroscopeAnother important bonus of the mobile application is ahoroscopefor a week. He will be especially useful to Taurus, peoplewho arenot inclined to sag under the circumstances. You will beable toovercome many obstacles successfully if the forecast for thecomingseven-day period is known.

A week is a long enough periodforpeople who are used to putting and achieving specific goals andaweekly updated horoscope will help to know in advancewhichdirection to move on. Monthly Horoscope It is important fortheassertive and independent Taurus to plan the rhythm of hislifeclearly. Representatives of the sign of the Zodiac Taurus,alongwith a mobile application, also receive a monthly updatedhoroscopefor their current month.

You do not have to give up yourpropensityfor persistence. Nothing will make life easier forconservativeTaurus, as an opportunity to see and analyze events forthe future. The mobileapplication containsan annual forecast for the representatives ofyour sign. Based onthe recommendations of astrologers, it is notdifficult todetermine which of the areas of his life in ,Taurus should paythe main attention.

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  5. Compatibility Horoscope Theappendix "TaurusHoroscope for today, tomorrow and for every day"will help allrepresentatives of this sign, having at hand only asmartphone, todetermine its compatibility with other signs of thezodiacalcircle. Compatibility horoscope Taurus will be usefulbecause, dueto its nobility, you tend to over-trust others.

    Widget,videohoroscope, screensavers The functionality of the mobileapplicationincludes a video horoscope, giving an audiovisual viewof theforecast for the current period. Also downloading theapplicationon your mobile, each Taurus has the ability to installon yourdevice's main screen a horoscope widget for every day orcolorfulwallpaper, a screensaver on the screen. The image of theTaurus,accompanying you on the path of life, will become a kindoftalisman, attracting luck and luck.

    Communication andpersonalrecommendations Taurus is important to have like-mindedpeople, andthey will become other users of the astrologicalapplication, withwhich you can exchange your experience and advice. The applicationprovides interactive functions, thanks to whichfeedback isavailable to astrologers and visitors to the portal. Having askedthe question interesting you, you can receivepersonalrecommendations. Functional and practical applicationSagittarius Horoscopefor every day is able to facilitate the lifeof each representativeof this zodiac sign.

    The leader amongastrological portalsAstroscope. RU created this mobile applicationespecially for youand your convenience. Having at hand yourforecast prepared byreputable astrologers, you can achieve successwithout muchdifficulty. Horoscope for today A horoscope for everyday will helpgoal-oriented and practical Sagittarius to achieveeverything thathas been planned much faster. It will be enough foryou to find outyour horoscope for today to understand in whichdirection youshould move on. This daily updated forecast warns youof the wrongsteps that the impulsive representatives of your signrisk taking.

    Horoscope for tomorrow No less good is able to bring ahoroscopefor tomorrow. Being one of the integral options of thismobileapplication, it will help you determine in advance whichpitfallsthe coming day hides. To know in advance what awaitstomorrow,representatives of your zodiac sign are more importantthaneveryone else, because you are used to detailing the scheduleofyour future actions. This schedule will turn into a clear,rigorousplan with a daily updated forecast for tomorrow.

    WeeklyHoroscopeAnother important option is the horoscope for the week. Itisespecially useful for Sagittarius people who are not usedtoadjusting to changing circumstances. Circumstances will notbeable to interfere with you, if you, looking ahead, will knowabouteverything that can happen to you. This will not only protectyoufrom setbacks, but also help you plan your next seven-day weekascompetently as possible. Monthly Horoscope Together withthehoroscope mobile application for Sagittarius, you getmonthlyforecasts at your disposal.

    A horoscope for a month isanopportunity to move confidently on your tomorrow, withoutworryingthat it will amaze you with unexpected events. StrengthSagittariuscan defeat any stresses and surprises, and it will bemuch easierto do this, relying on a monthly updated prediction.

    Horoscope for The mobile application contains a detailed annualastrologicalforecast for the representatives of the zodiac signSagittarius:horoscope Thanks to the recommendations ofreputableastrologers, Sagittarius will not have to guess whichareas oftheir life in need to be focused on. CompatibilityHoroscopeThe application for Sagittarius will help allrepresentatives ofthis sign, having a mobile phone at hand, not tobe mistaken withthe choice of a potential partner for arelationship.

    For thispurpose, a horoscope for the compatibility ofSagittarius withother representatives of the zodiac circle isintended. Thisforecast is especially necessary for sincere andnoble Sagittarius,as they tend to idealize others. Widget, videohoroscope, wallpaperThe numerous functionalities of the mobileapplication include avideo horoscope, which allows Sagittarius toget an audiovisualview of the forecast for each specific period. Byinstalling theapplication on your device, Sagittarius get theopportunity to adda daily horoscope widget to their home screen, aswell as acolorful screensaver and wallpaper.

    Having an image ofSagittariusin front of your eyes, you get something like a personaltalismanthat can protect you from troubles. Communication andpersonalizedrecommendations Your life will become even morecomfortable andinteresting when you use the interactive feature. Right in theapplication, you can exchange experiences withotherrepresentatives of your zodiac sign, share your tips andtricks. Doyou have a difficult question or would you like to sharesomeinteresting information? Post comments, ask about everythingthatbothers you, and receive, through feedback, competent advicefromastrologers and visitors to our portal.

    Learn your daily horoscope, horoscope fortomorrow, horoscope forthe week, month and year, to influenceevents. Lay runes or tarot cards thatwill give answers toimportant questions and help you make adecision. Learn the truelove horoscope and horoscope compatibility,to build a strongrelationship.

    Ourforecasts tell what awaits you in thecoming days, and how best toact in order to avoid failure andachieve success! Find out whatwill happen tomorrow, today. Look forus as: zodiac, astrology,forecast, dream interpretation,astro-forecast, horoscope, dream. Guessing AstroOracle - itastrology and numerology online in its pure form,predicting thefuture with the answers to the questions whether itis love,relationships or planning matters. Astrology - a muchbroadersubject than are many of us. In addition tohoroscopes,astrological foundations of knowledge came to us fromtimeimmemorial in the form of such an interesting divinationasguessing Astrological Oracle, through which you can getquickanswers to many questions and fortune-telling.

    AstrologicalOracleis a compound of numerology and astrology, serving as apracticaltool for making decisions in complex situations. Regardlessof theresulting predictions to be understood that much in lifedepends onour future actions. But taking advantage of Oracle, wecan learnwhat to avoid.

    It should be borne in mind that the besttime fordivination prediction Oracle, or that the sign of theZodiac, isthe period of the corresponding sign zodiac horoscope. Itisbelieved that during the sign of action, which relates totheconduct of question, you can achieve the mosttruthfuldivination. Sometimes, in ordernot to make fatal mistakes, we have to actimmediately. Decidingdivination download online for free, you getconvenient service - apredictor for each day that will always be atyour fingertips.

    Toget an accurate answer to the next question, donot have to wastevaluable time, advice you read directly on themobile devicescreen. Appendix "Astrological Oracle" - is the abilityto penetratedeep into the mysteries and secrets that fill ourfuture. Thesedivination on love and relationships will help to makean accurateatlas of life paths, a movement which saves a lotoftrouble.

    Deciding to download the app guessing the future, yougetmore than just a multifunctional mobile service. The oracleanswersto the most important questions enables accurately learnabouteverything that worries you especially hard. In addition to the predictions of the Oracle, you havetheopportunity, without leaving the app, learn daily horoscopeforevery zodiac sign. Appendix "Astro Oracle" - is amultifunctionalmobile service including truthful augury for thefuture, love,fortune-telling for , on friendship, guessing yesor no, andthe ability to get the most accurate horoscopes,includingcompatibility horoscope Zodiac signs.

    Personal life would be much moreharmonious, whenyou start using Oracle love. The foremost stepseparates you fromhaving to close came wise helper and guide. Oracle predictions - agood choice for anyone who wants to learnabout the world andchange your life for the better.

    Daily horoscope and fortune teller palmistry online. The teamofprofessional astrologers creates accurate and detailedhoroscopesfor you. We give personal predictions for next sectionsfor FREE. Our best specialists will answer you anyquestion. One of thebest chiromancercreated this reading for you. Learn to guess thefuture with ourpalmists. Chinese calendar The Chinese horoscope isbased on thetwelve-year cycle, according to the year of birth,every year thiscycle is associated with a certain animal. TheChinese calendar iscalculated according to the lunar calendar, thedates of thebeginning and the end of each sign are related to thelunar cycleand therefore do not coincide with the usual dates forthebeginning and end of the year Love calculator It's ourinnovativeservice to detect indetails love compatibility.

    It alsoworks forfriends. Daily horoscope and palmistry free It is asecretthat to compile an accurate horoscope for a given day, itisdesirable to take into account not only the time accuratetominutes! All thisisnecessary in order to properly calculate its ascendingsign ascendant and take into account a number of otherfactors.

    Without this, the horoscope, alas, is incomplete. Obviously, withthis approach, even for people of the same sign,horoscopes can bestrikingly different, and there is no way topublish accuratepersonal forecasts daily for everyone - such avolume would notaccommodate any edition! How to be? And heremathematics comes toour rescue. Yes, we can not take into accounteach of a millionfactors, but we can easily make an averagepicture, true for mostpeople born under this or that sign of theZodiac. Simply put, wetake into account only those factors thathave the most significantimpact on our lives.

    For daily horoscopes- this is primarily aconsideration of the position of the moon andaspects of fastplanets. In addition, our author's method assumesthe account ofother cosmic rhythms, which are not always connectedwith thevisible arrangement of the planets in the firmament, butfrom thisno less significant. These rhythms are calculated bylong-termobservations of the course of various processes on ourplanet andtheir comparison with the horoscopes of real people.

    Allthis helpsto make our daily horoscope as accurate and informativeaspossible. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that beforeyouis not a personal forecast, calculated to the accuracy ofminutesand degrees, but an ENHANCED picture, describing only themostvivid and significant from our point of view moments. Moreover,due to the cyclicity of all cosmic rhythms, the generalpicture ofthe day is periodically repeated.

    For each individualZodiac sign,the picture is repeated on average times a year, sothat theforecasts for these days can coincide. Even more often,forecastsfor different days may overlap and coincide for differentsigns. Well, it's about the same as if for rainy weather we fordifferentpeople would always give a similar forecast: "it will rain- takean umbrella". Toknow and not to assume - as the art of astrology. RU highest quality fromastrologer IrinaZviagina for all zodiac signs: Horoscope for today,for tomorrow,for the week and for , the lunar calendar.

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    His homeland is Mesopotamia. Ancient scientists foundaconnection between the position of the planets at certain timesanddestiny, as an individual, and entire nations. Any importantevent,be it a coronation, a war, a marriage, the birth of an heirwasaccompanied by a horoscope. Outwit Destiny Interestinthe occult sciences has always existed. Man in all ages triedtoopen the mysterious veil, look into the future and find outhisfate. Hoping to "lay straws", to avoid mistakes, to make therightdecision, people turned for help to astrologers,palmists,fortunetellers. Nowadays their services are also in highdemand.

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    Discover what the stars predict for your future. Ourdaily horoscopes are made by professional andexperiencedastrologers using the best methodologies of classicastrology. Alwaysknow when a good day is coming in your personal orprofessionallife. But it has happened for some this year. Intrinsic in this letting go is a whole new revelation about who you are.

    You are supposed to be a uniting force that can take the goals and objectives of everybody and formulate them into a plan that will benefit everybody The core of this energy tends to be very socially active Venus on the cusp of the 4th House shows that there will be changes in both the home and career areas of life This energy is not really about "what you will get" but more about what you really want to do with your time and effort What will bring you the most personal satisfaction Find that and you can have it made!!

    Your love life with bubble with unsuspected vigor. You'll prove to be particularly efficient in your work, and your efforts will be appreciated. A diet richer in fruits and vegetables will be enough to fight your present constipation. Encourage your children in their studies and sports. You'll succeed in finding a balance between your family life and your professional obligations.

    But beware of exaggerated expenses and hazardous financial operations; be reasonable. But Pluto will encourage you to be rather more driven than usual in order to accomplish whatever it is you have in mind. Body awareness and social vitality are now on the rise: late Monday morning watch for ongoing respiratory or throat irritations to steadily improve.

    46 Best ASTROSCOPE images | Chistes, Dating, Horoscope

    Many Sagittarians will now experience a newly arriving mental and physical clarity: expect a four month phase of sluggish energy and social disinterest to now end. Early this week a fast social introduction may also lead to romance: friends, loved ones or close relatives may now, and over the next 18 days, bring new love relationships into your life. For many Sagittarians the unproductive romantic past will now fade from their lives: watch for old habits, social routines or romantic patterns to rapidly shift.

    Use this time to establish fresh social friendships or a new group identity. Before the end of January a confident attitude in important relationships and enjoyable public flirting will bring the desired results: stay open. You might also want to exercise more control over this area in general. This week could bring an opportunity to investigate ways to feel more comfortable about money. Even so, there's no point in being too hard on yourself either. Try to strike a happy medium by making allowances for treats or vacations as you save for the future.

    Be prepared to accept certain unavoidable losses in work and personal concerns. You'll discover that these apparent troubles and setbacks are often necessary adjustments. Things aren't as bad as they may seem. This is especially true in the case of people who stubbornly refuse to accept a change of structure in the workplace. But you might need to access your communicative powers to speak your mind and get what's coming to you, financially and otherwise. In other news, indications show that your debt picture is about to get much better.

    You've done a lot of good work, so enjoy the rewards. To transition gracefully and successfully from into , start by reframing your approach to your finances. As January opens, the Sun and uncompromising Pluto merge in your money House drawing a permanent line under old ways of earning, saving and spending. Visualise money as pure energy that is the currency of possibilities and freedom-as a Sagittarian that should appeal to your desire for adventure.

    Then remove any ideas about what you are currently paid defining you and start devising new streams of passive income. Surprise yourself by doing an inventory of what you already have - all your resources including skills, qualities, experience and knowledge - and packaging it to add value to others who will value it enough to pay your for it. So it's a great time to plan get-togethers and sort out your domestic arrangements so that everything flows smoothly. Don't lose your sense of humour.

    Sometimes a joke can break tension or lift everyone's spirits when they have become too obsessed about tricky situations to which there is no obvious answer. WGvmB33a5-X Wednesday 4th January, As Mercury, the planet of talk and thought, moves back into your sign for a very short spell, it could entice you to hold a conversation that may be somewhat overdue.

    Linked to the tactful Venus in the sensitive sign of Pisces, you may find it easier to phrase your comments in such a way that the person in question feels heard and validated, and this could be all that's required. I'm optimistic as to how you can make better plans and find more effective solutions to problems. But this time, when she calls, the cleverness fairy isn't quite feeling herself. She's a bit under the weather, and in need of looking after.

    You should, though, welcome her new ideas with an open mind. With careful evaluation, you'll find method in her madness and a dash of genuine, and very helpful inspiration. Stars indicate a feud and an ultimatum from your lover. It is best to hear out what the person has to say before you come to any conclusion of your own. With the Sun still several weeks away you are on your own or will be once Venus leaves today. In her final hours, Venus will be working overtime to give your heart and your relationships a voice.

    However, it only remains in your region of the sky for eight days, having turned retrograde some while back and presently, preparing to resume direct motion from December 8. The past couple of years have been a steep learning curve, where you have discovered plenty about yourself, how you interact with the world and what you can expect from others on a practical level. Consider, where updates to your appearance might help, give others a better insight into the nascent you. It could be a time for you to make more money or to build more financial security.

    It is also time for you to build greater financial stability for the future. You may receive a job offer or opportunities to make more money. Mercury goes direct from your own sign and house on January 8th. It is a time for you to find yourself to be more active and it is also a time for you to focus on finances and taking care of financial obligations. On January 10th there could be some disagreements are arguments with a partner lover or child. There could be some financial obligations in connection to a child or a partner.

    Expect the unexpected as there could be disagreements are arguments or even a breakup. You'll have a sixth sense for cultivating professional connections that can serve your noble ambitions for years to come. I encourage you to be alert for new possibilities that might be both useful for your career and invigorating for your social life.

    The words "work" and "fun" will belong together! To achieve the best results, formulate a clear vision of the community and support system you want. Excite us with your wisdom songs and gaze out at our broken reality with your wisdom eyes. Play your wisdom tricks and crack your wisdom jokes and erupt with your wisdom cures. The world needs you to be a radiant swarm of lovable, unpredictable wisdom!

    Your future needs you to conjure up a steady stream of wisdom dreams and wisdom exploits! And please note: You don't have to wait until the wisdom is perfect. You shouldn't worry about whether it's supremely practical. Your job is to trust your wisdom gut, to unleash your wisdom cry, to revel in your wisdom magic. The omens predict it. Fate sanctifies it. I hope you will gracefully barrel your way through the daily whirl with a constant expectation of sly epiphanies, amusing ecstasies, and practical miracles. There has rarely been a time in your life when you've had so much potential to heal old wounds through immersions in uncanny bliss.

    But please note: The best of these highs will NOT be induced by drugs or alcohol, but rather by natural means like sex, art, dancing, meditation, dreamwork, singing, yoga, lucid perceptions, and vivid conversations. Luckily after a few days, peace and harmony will return and you'll be able to settle down to redecoration and reorganisation plans. You'll want beauty and elegance around to keep the family's mood soothed.

    It'll be a time to mend fences and build bridges and ensure that past tensions are resolved. You will be tackling your personal finances with vigour and over spending compulsively will not be a good idea. Just be strategic and sensible, refusing to over-react in the second week when an unexpected turn of circumstances will throw the budget off track. You'll be talking non-stop and pleased to have a ready audience at your disposal.

    Just try to curb your more outspoken comments towards the 19th when you'll be on edge. A busy final few days will keep boredom away and your energy will soar with more enjoyment ahead. There are many more things ahead that are more interesting than an even endlessly optimistically Sagittarian expects. You have more control over changes between the 3rd to the 5th.

    Use your communication skills to best effect. It is fortunate you are so fluent, when things happen quickly and you have to respond at the same speed. Your creative energy is simply breathtaking from the 9th and 10th. Make modest, but proud statements, about those efforts, when communication skills are at a peak.

    Wake people up! Play an unusual role the 18th and 19th. Help release them from old patterns and attach them to something exciting. The actions help you expand your role. The 22nd and 23rd are lucky days. Search and send resumes if you are job-hunting. Schedule meetings and interviews when it is difficult for people to say no. As admirable as truthfulness is, it can be too upfront and blunt for someone's comfort the 30th and 31st.

    In that light your advice and help can be misunderstood. The keyword next for next month is "double" or twice as much. It's even more than you feel is possible. There will be those who will create positive emotions for you, but they will not fill the void left by others. Milestones will be passed in the life of a person from your family, which regardless of their nature can make you cry or act very emotionally. You a will be receiving or sending money to a child or grandchild, and involving other financial operations and actions related to a young person in your immediate surroundings.

    News, an invitation or a suggestion by a man will be the occasion for serious reflection on your part. An important event of a family nature will be associated with an engagement, wedding, birthday, or name day of a person from your family or friendly environment. In some cases it may involve an event that will affect you. In Sagittarius men, it will be necessary to make an important and responsible decision. It will be hard to realize your expectations related to a person from another location.

    There will be possibility of delays or impediments. In January you may lose or forget something, but you'll find it, or the loss will be restored. A journey will be taken together with a woman or girl or by the invitation of a woman. Expect an interesting event or a visit from a woman from another community. So: some situations reach their peak, challenges and obstacles arise, significant earnings or losses, professional decisions strongly influenced by financial aspects.

    With all of the heavy astrological context, you receive support and protection. You can reach success with patience and good strategies. Misunderstandings and confusion may enter close relationships. However, the outlook is much clearer for the second half of January with the return of your energy and enthusiasm. Neptune square your decan from September to January is most strongly affecting those born in late decan 1 Sagittarius.

    This tends to eat away at, or dissolve your sense of self which can be seen as a weakening of your ego. Neptune tends to creep up on you, so this is a gradual process but at some stage you will realize that you may not have a much drive or energy as you did a year or so ago. Mars square your decan from December 18 to January 2 creates a buildup of energy inside and a strong desire to assert yourself in an aggressive manner. This can result in frustration, anger and conflict. Difficulties in all relationships but especially love relationships can occur at this time if you force your desires onto other people.

    Release this hot energy safely through exercise, sport or self-gratification. Mars conjunct Neptune from December 29 to January 3 can make your feel romantic and sensual or paranoid and delusional.

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    How you handle this strange energy depends on how Mars and Neptune are aspecting your decan. If you are very sensitive and scare easily then you need to take precautions. If you are self-confident or consider yourself self-aware and evolved then you should enjoy this spiritual trip. The December 29 New Moon lets you restart or reset your goals. This moon phase lasts until the January 27 New Moon but the best time for starting things is in the first two weeks.

    This waxing phase of the moon lasts until the January 12 Full Moon. You should, however, remain conservative with your goals as energy and confidence may be lacking as you enter the new year. Venus square your decan January 2 to 14 increases your need for love and affection but any underlying relationship tension may rise to the surface.

    This is especially true if you expect too much without first showing how much you care. Overindulgence with money is something to be careful of at this time as racking up unnecessary debt on the credit card is a real temptation. Venus conjunct Neptune from January 10 to 14 brings the potential for new romance or more compassion and spiritual binding in an existing relationship.

    However, the square from both planets increases the risk of disappointment if you have not been accepting the harsh realities of a negative relationship. At work or with other routine duties, you may have some difficulty getting motivates as there is a tendency with this transit to laze about and daydream.

    Sun sextile your decan from January 19 to 30 gives power of personal expression which helps in self promotion and the achievement of goals. You should be feeling confident, proud and enthusiastic. This is an excellent time to make real progress with the things in life that mean a lot to you, work, relationships and longer term goals. This fresh boost of energy is perfect for making a new start in your personal or professional life. The best timing for starting your new project is from January 27 to the February 10 Lunar Eclipse.

    Mars trine your decan from January 27 to February 11 gives an increase in energy levels, self-confidence and sexual desire that is well-balanced and not aggressive or threatening to other people. This is a most favorable time to achieve your desires and to reach your goals. In all your relationships, love and professional, people warm to you and admire your directness and confidence. Your openness and ability to break the ice make you one of the most popular people in your immediate vicinity and beyond.

    Could a world takeover be next?! In stark contrast, you find life kind of boring and ho hum on the 9th and 10th, but a lot of that is of your own making. There's so much to see and explore, so why are you sitting home feeling sorry for yourself? Remember your plan of world dominance? What happened to that?! You love to laugh and smile on the 18th and 19th, so going to a comedy club or watching your favorite comedian's stand-up special on TV are some of your favorite activities.

    You can come up with your own jokes, too, but don't expect to get the same reception as a professional does. Your routine needs a little work, self-admittedly. You believe in yourself and your abilities on the 23rd and 24th, making these great days to shop your resume around or ask someone out on a date. It's hard for people to say no to your passionate, enthusiastic energy. Don't make those you live with feel unloved or unworthy.

    Take care of any paperwork concerning institutional or governmental agencies. You can enhance your reputation by making contributions to worthwhile causes. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Saturday. Mercury will continue to travel retrograde until January 8, allowing you to figure out exactly what needs to change in order to make your best year yet. On January 12, a Full Moon in Cancer will bring shocking revelations about a domestic matter to the surface.

    Be ready to handle it. Fortunately, on the same day Venus will embrace Neptune in Pisces, encouraging a forgiving and unconditional love vibration to help you address whatever might come up. A New Moon in Aquarius on January 27 allows you to plant seeds that will nourish your individuality. Go ahead and show your eccentric side! Mars enters Aries on January 28, and until March 9 you'll have a warrior-like courage to help you achieve whatever it is you want most.

    You will have a lot on your plate and most of it will pertain to money — both for immediate needs and future gains. Financial matters become important or at least the main focus, but good moves have to be thought out. Property and possessions, rentals, funds, investments, and even cash transactions. There may be profits or income from property, land and real estate. In fact, you might just be barking up the wrong tree in terms of career or personal gains through sheer pride or ego. Back your own judgment, but do so with caution and restraint. You know instinctively what works best for you.

    Just go ahead sensibly, keeping your own counsel as far as possible. You may feel fuzziness, impatience and dissatisfaction with how things are shaping up. It may be because of the way expectations meet the reality. You want more than what mundane reality offers, but perhaps too much. Overestimation and overstatement are a few possibilities, either in your own approach or in the circumstances and people you attract now. There is a marvelous closeness built up with parents, older people, in-laws, who might not always approve of your eccentric and strongly different opinions.

    This month, you are especially fond of the life of the home and family. You are more receptive and gentle on a romantic level, and tend to be sentimental or nostalgic now. Loyalty and sensitivity in your relationships are more important to you than typically. You might focus on ways to earn money in or from your home.

    This is a calming influence — a time when simple pleasures most appeal. Standing up by and for your beliefs or convictions is a good way to make yourself stand out from the people around you. Avoid fast cash or other money-making schemes. Do not back down, back your own judgments but go ahead with caution. You already know what works best so now is the time to put your knowledge into action. Go forward sensibly and keep your counsel as far as possible. WGypRX3a5-X Thursday 5th January, Taking the time to reaffirm a household arrangement or to revisit a conversation with a family member can mean the difference between experiencing one or two hitches and things going smoothly.

    Future plans can seem full of promise, especially around creative ideas. They could involve some sustained dedication on your part, but look to evolve things on a step by step basis. A clumsy thief leaves a disturbing trail of mess. Would you rather be robbed subtly or blatantly? Of course, you'd prefer not to be a victim of any crime Retrograde Mercury slips briefly into your sign today, before turning direct. Check now, not for what you suspect may be wrong somewhere, but for what you can hardly even see much point in checking for. Expectations that others have from you might pose as a big burden, more like a threat, which may be difficult for you to handle.

    If you close your eyes and sort out everything like a plan in your mind it will be of great help. Powerful financial opportunities will be obvious during the entire month of January so this is your time to shine. For some of you, it appears you will be leaving a long-standing commitment behind once and for all. This opens doors for new endeavors that will be arriving shortly.

    Trust the universe, Sag. And of course, prejudice is just another word for fear. For as long as there have been humans, there has been politics. And for as long as there has been politics, there've been threats to organise against. Often, the subject of these fears is interchangeable. Rome went from feeding Christians to the lions, to being the seat of authority that created the Spanish Inquisition! Consider, today, making your own, more gentle inquiries. Any anxieties can be excommunicated. In the early days of you're being woken up to life's simple pleasures and the fact that it is the small things that often bring the most joy.

    In the early days of the New Year this is creating expectations from the coming year that are nothing to do with what you might acquire or do, but a greater appreciation of what you already have. WG2cGH3a5-U Friday 6th January, Financial affairs could go through a gear change over coming days and this may be related to a desire to take this area of your life to the next level.

    It could be something as simple as selling items you no longer have any use for, to a more involved plan that could involve harnessing a creative idea. If you persevere with this, you could enjoy the sense of control that it brings. Your strength this week is anchored in your ruler Jupiter in Libra's perfect working harmony with Saturn in your sign, suggesting there is not only tremendous opportunity to expand and strengthen your most meaningful connections, it is also a time when you can establish more security in your life and this starts by following your inborn intuition.

    People will be showing up as guides to direct you forward, especially this week as Mercury retrogrades back into your sign on Wednesday, Jan. This is significant for the planet, in particular as it relates to agreements linked with global warming to preserve nature and our planet, but this also suggests that you are going to find your own power center again in the coming week, allowing you to stay rooted in your own center of gravity. This will occur when you are totally honest with yourself, and when you follow what feels naturally true for you, no matter what anyone else thinks.

    That is a beautiful thing, that is what makes you shine, and that is what will make others stop in their tracks when they see you coming! You have a strong desire to be given compassion and a feeling of security that will be long lasting. Whatever it is that is bothering you, you should feel that you can communicate how you are honestly feeling with someone close to you. If this is the case then try keeping a journal where you can at least write down how you are feeling. Once you do this then you can become more positively inspired towards new solutions.

    This is a passing phase of your life that will become much better once Mercury moves back into direct motion on Sunday. In the meantime try to focus your attention upon how valuable your life really is to you and to everyone else around you. Taking good care of your self is the right thing to do now. At times you may feel delayed in regards to some important projects that you want to take care of. This is perfectly okay for now. You would be wise to give yourself all of the quality time that you need in order to begin to feel more positively motivated once again.

    In the meantime focus your attention upon what you desire most! What new situations would you like to attract into your life for this New Year of ? Say it; create it; instigate it; rev it up; take flight; get a move on. That's easy advice for me to give. I just have to say, 'Think about what lies behind an anxiety. Try to see it in perspective. Don't let it get to you. Emotions don't so much colour the intellect, as saturate the mental picture. How can we switch the bad ones off? This weekend, Venus links to Saturn in your sign, where Mercury turns direct.

    The simplest answer is 'you have to want to'. Saturday 7th January, Mercury will turn direct in your sign from tomorrow, which can slowly reduce the chance of delays and perhaps enable you to navigate through life more smoothly. But over the next few days as it is getting back into its rhythm, you may find that a certain coincidence has special meaning for you, perhaps helping you to connect the dots regarding a key issue, Archer. In his first full day back in Sagittarius and over a month after leaving, Mercury's words to you today are likely to be 'quick, we only have a few days'.

    This is a chance to revisit the intentions and resolutions you moved into both your new solar year and with. Compare your present values with those fourteen then twenty-one years ago. You have permission to step into the unknown. Remain there. How do you keep early January on track? The only way out is in. Knowing that people are not all bad or good, tune in to your instincts.

    Challenges midweek could lead to ecstasy later. Misunderstandings could cause confusion and upset. You will find your vitality is lowered. It might be best to work on your own; if possible, do your job out of your home this week. Your lucky day this week will be Monday. Any one of a number of things are about to come together to show you that sometimes it makes more sense to color outside the lines than it does to stay in them. Stop second guessing yourself and be careful when it comes to micromanaging things that will respond better if you let nature take its course.

    There is no sign of something unpleasant, so it will be either routine commitments or will be something that is in your interest. Avoid purchases of promotions and discounts. This week you will not be lucky about such things and would rather throw money away than to win something. Keep your personal belongings and money, especially in public places. News from another location will make you sad or disappointed because it's kind of late notice, a proposal which has become obsolete and others. During this week you will meet your relatives or will gather your family at home for an important occasion.

    Forthcoming are several interesting events in your family that will bring more excitement to your everyday life. Good luck, success or someone from your home can also be the occasion for a gathering or a little celebration. There is a concentrated sense of purpose and determination this week, which if taken advantage of, could bring you a great feeling of purpose and accomplishment. Perhaps knowledge that has come to light, or something that you have learned, will serve you well. Think in terms of rehabilitation, renewal and resolve. If you have already clarified your goals, then you can make significant progress in achieving them this week, if you set your mind to it.

    Do what you actually feel is right. Your element of fire helps you fight back in business mid-week as you work out what needs to be done to get to the top of your game. First, the Sun aligns with Pluto, then Venus links with Neptune. With Mercury, the planet of communication turning direct and re-entering Capricorn, now's a good time to take control of challenging situations and to listen to our heart's desires.

    The Full Moon this week forms a Grand Cross with the powerful Jupiter-Uranus opposition, which is still active in the sky. Be bold, be brave and believe in yourself this week. What was once only fanciful can now be realised. Recently, he's begun winning international recognition for his voice and soulful song-writing skills. Sometimes it is only when we switch our focus to a different talent that we reap the benefits of the success our gift deserves. It's not a case of giving up, selling out, or compromising values.

    It's using our strengths to connect with people in a meaningful way. The cosmos is encouraging you to energise a talent of yours this week. The coming day or so can be a turning-point as something, perhaps a conversation or piece of information, might kick-start the process.

    Don't feel you have to be perfect right away. If there are a few false starts, just keep going. While back in Sagittarius for eight days, just two days after arriving, Mercury is due to turn direct tomorrow, shifting your focus back onto the road ahead. This is a rare opportunity to return to the drawing board.

    Social activities may be a healthy solution. Deeper involvements like joining the club are even better. Also, clear the clutter and create beauty at home. Business, and how you use your credit and resources are manipulated to bring you greater advantage. Expanding social networks encourage you to be more of who you are.

    Creative projects gel with your direct attention. The Full Moon brings more awareness of your credit and resources. Look at defects and correct them. Reform some of your ideas or attitudes, and choose from a win point of view instead of lose. Don't compromise or accept defeat; you're too close to winning.